It is the attitude and belief that anything is possible and achievable in life. In other words, there are literally no limits! 

Limitless Lifestyle

 Spirit, meaning of the divine. Mind, meaning our thoughts. And Body, meaning the follow through of the thoughts in the form of actions.  

With spirit, mind and body alignment, life is limitless, meaning anything is achievable.

 Empower others to believe in their own potential!  

Inspiration, Empowerment, Authenticity

Public Speaking

Maggie is an inspirational speaker who travels the nation speaking to institutions, organizations about self empowerment and education from fitness, music and finance. She frequently speaks to demographics of all ages to believe in…

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Pi Beta Phi Foundation

As a Pi Beta Phi alumna, Maggie supports Child Literacy.

Maggie believes that everything starts with education and with knowledge comes power, and the choice behind an educated decision is…

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Lifestyle consultant, Maggie Lane is a highly decorated & renowned professional & competitive athlete, who has achieved success at the highest level of university, opera performance & education. Her career path personified accomplishment with…

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whats new with maggie

Public Speaking

Maggie Lane is an accomplished public speaking with regular engagements to promote her message of Limitless Lifestyle. She activately speaks on the health, wellness & a balanced lifestyle.

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Wellness & Health

Working with our nations veterans is a privelege & honor, a committment that Maggie has undertaken to contribute to & positively impact the wellness & balance of our honored service men & women.

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Maggie Lane devotes her time many worthy activities & regularly volunteers for several charitable causes. Find out how you can be involved & join Maggie in helping others.

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Maggie Lane

My Story

Maggie currently holds two titles
Miss Queen of Hollywood 2016
World Events:
Winter 2016 Opera Masterclasses with Maestro Peter Mark February 21, 2016
Peace and Love Festival Pageant Participant 2016. Egypt March 2016